Monday, 28 May, 2007

The Ta Ra Rum Pum Vertigo


I was told that “Ta Ra Rum Pum” is somehow compareable to “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. I haven’t seen “Chitty Chitty” but I know that it is a very famous American family-movie about a funny magic car. Additionally I was well informed that “Tara Rum Pum” is supposed to be the Yash-Raj-Bollywood-Blockbuster of the year, starring Rani and Saif.
So, bravely I went to a PVR-Multiplex in Delhi to see it without subtitle (And – to my surprise - I had only very barely problems with understanding the dialogues).
My (yoga-washed) brain created colourful images of a flying and speaking car and a funny-family-Song-and-Dance-Scene above the clouds.

Can you imagine how disappointed I am after seeing it? There is NO MAGIC but just one psychedelic Mary-Poppins-kind-of Animation Dance with Disney-sort-of bears. What a crap. Well, for Indian cinema this is something new (I guess) and children will love the interaction of humanbeings and cartoons.
If there is any magic in this movie then you may find it within the way how Saif and Rani are dealing with their children. That’s probably the main reason why the movie actually will become a Blockbuster. Rani and Saif have this well running chemistry. I especially like this inner weakness that Saif is showing sometimes and this inner strength of Rani. It is fun when they are playing games with such qualities and balance out each other. But however: The whole Reality-Tv-Game-Storyline, one could define as magic of this movie, is just a bad copy of Begninis “Life is beautiful”. Also the tragic of Arvi loosing his job and house didn’t affect me in any way. The racing-parts were way to loud (in the PVR) and besides a few nice effects this was just dizzy. Four times you will see (more or less) the same shots of the racing. And always this annoying flashbacks, sigh.

Bollywood-Disney conspiracy?

A incredible thought came to me during the Mary-Poppins-like dancing-bear scene. Mamabear and Papabear try to kiss, but are interrupted in the very last moment.
I was so laughing.
In American Animation-movies we see kissing all over. Maybe this is enough reason for conservative Indian parents to not allow their children to watch them? Did somebody ever thought of that? Maybe Bollywoodproducers are thinking similar and actually react on Disney and Pixar to target both the children and the parents. F.e.: The racing scenes in “Tara Rum Pum” are surely nice for the kids who wanted to see the American Animationfilm “Cars” but probably weren’t allowed. Hmmm. But why? Was there probably a kissing scene in “Cars”?
This is mindfucking, I know. Ho jayega. But still- “Tara Rum Pum” is a very good mix to serve both parents and children. And maybe grannys. Not so much the youth- they seemed rather bored. No, not “censor bored” cause of the not kissing bears. Bored because it is a long boring movie with to many repeats of always the same racing thing.

Song and Dance

So what is good about this movie despite some well-played Rani-Saif interactions? The Soundtrack is nice. First song has memorable choreography. Very much “in your face”. (I liked that). The Bhangra-Song had nice Chickenstyle-dance. (I copy that). Ranis “Tara Rum Pum” Part is what we call a earworm. As well the more energetic “Tara Rum Pum” Theme which is performed with the controversial Cartoon bears. Additionally I remember this frustrating song in the second part, which is nearly to good for the movie. And I think there was a average romantic song- showing all the NY-settings we know already from KANK and KHNH.


When Arvi won his first race he cheated and bumped another car. Later on he himself gets more heavily bumped and now we are supposed to think that this is unfair. And in the end there has to be revenge. So he bumps the guy back even more heavily. Welcome to “Ben Hur”. (Unsurprisingly we had some people in the hall who applauded.)


It is a cruel movie with no kissing bears and very bloody revenge. But still it has nice actors and songs (and according to some theories Hindi-Cinema does not need more to be successful). The plot is poor if you ask me. Familydrama is boring. Racing is boring. Taxidriving is fun.
But there is no such thing as magic. Bleh.
I want magic.

End of Spoiler

Saturday, 26 May, 2007


Hello there. Yes. Despite only a few people are commenting my blogposts (many thanks to them) i go on writing stuff here. I am really happy that some of you mailed me that my Weblog is nice. And i know very well that some of you have fun while reading it because of my many english mistakes. Bleh. One has to exercise, so what.

The last weeks i spent with my Cousin Niko`s family in High-Sky-Bhagsu (near to Dharamsala) and found some peace. One could say i reached true silence. Up there i slept without my earplugs. Additionally Internet was far away. And I had one more reason for not-blogging. I was busy exploring my consciousness and body…

It`s like Pumba in “Lion King 3” has said: “When the student is ready the teacher appears”.

I started with Iyengar Yoga at Sharat`s place. His Yoga-Center is really beautiful and offers many useful props- like ropes, belts and bolsters. With the help of these items and the very precice instructions of Sharat Yoga is possible for everybody. And even 90years old are doing the handstand here after some time. By the way: Sharat will come to Vienna this summer. Please contact Heidi, if you are interested in further information about this course. But notice that he is very strict and not cheap. Iyengar is just for people who take Yoga very serious. Bad example- pictures are following.

"Can-Yoga or can´t Yoga?"

In the next picture we see the wonderful benefits of Yoga. My adorable Quest-Item itself started to float light in all the colours of the rainbow.


Everybody seems to love the Can. So does my nephew.

"Manu plays with the Can"

Ps. @Anna: If you read this: Please sent me the link immediately if you are going to start the Fotoserial about the colourful long underwear of your Ex.


“I don’t know why you say Goodbye I say Hello” (The Beatles)

Sometimes I am very bad in saying Goodbye. And sometimes I just miss these moments cause i am simply not at the right place in time. And then there are situations where somebody has to catch a bus or a flight and everything happens to fast. During the last weeks I met some wonderful people- they know what I am talking about. So I want to greet, hug or respectively thank them here. It was great meeting you:

Dilip (GB), Garfield (Goa), Christine (Germany), Tania (Russia), Tania (Russia), Aaron (Austria), Johanna (Austria), Kristi (USA), Olivier (Belgium), Adlina (Bombay), Matte (Finnland), Anant (Manali), Manoj (Delhi), Rakesh (Dharamsala), Rohan (Bombay), Shadab (Goa), Somu (Bangalore), Anna Karin (Sweden), Rachel (GB), Naomi (Ireland). Sharat (Dharamkot), Layla (Germany) and Dittmar (Germany). Many thanks to Gerlinde, Peter, Olivia, Niko, Noy, Manu and MC.

Stay in touch.
And good Luck.
And Blow Horn- Please.

Friday, 4 May, 2007


Time to write a short summary about what i (re-) learned during the last 6 weeks.

1) In case of doubt just honk
2) Dogs will not attack you if you carry a stick
3) Stay cool if a cow attacks your scooter while driving
4) Don`t go to national theater- Cinemas
5) Small things can take much time in india
6) take one day off if you have to go to the post office
7) Never agree to the first offer. Except sometimes.
8) Bargainers and Rikschawdriver dont know the word "no"
9) Try to speak to everybody cause you will never now what it is good for
10) Be always aware that everything is possible
11) Say "dire, dire" to slow down crazy Rikscha drivers
12) Don`t hide yourself from india. Just go with the flow and try to become a part from the local system.
13) Like my 4-years old niece told me: Always wear shoes when driving scooter.
14) India is a big ant-heap and everything is connected. So: get yourself at least a mobile.
15) Everyone who starts with Bollywood-business gets exploited, thats normal
16) Despite No.15, Bollywood has the ultimate addiction-factor for people who start working there
17) If you make it in india, you can make it everywhere
18) Deal with the things that happen and don´t get upset. And dont think to much.
19) Whatever you are off to do or wherever you are heading to: be aware that it will take double time
20) Always try to figure out what you want or anybody else will tell you.


Edit (16.5.2007)

21) Impressing Indian fellows with knowledge about Bollywood is first class fun
22) Fear nothing. Besides your own shadow.
23) If you fall off the scooter get up again immediately or you probably never drive again.
24) Try Yoga. Just do it. Find yourself a teacher of your trust and do it.
25) Never leave your shoes out of sight in case you are giving them to shoecleaners. They will ruin them and charge you for repair.
26) Don’t waste your energy in getting upset with Indian traffic. For example: In case you are driving on a small road and a bus is coming up to bring tourists to the upperclass hotels, it may stop the whole traffic there for a long time. Just find a place to park your car an enjoy the spectacle. Be aware that the policemen have also a hard live, despite some things they are doing seems like nonsense. In case you have no sense of humour consider to join people who have, while participating at the chaos.


Edit (26.5.07)

27) Earplugs are India- travellers best friends