Friday, 4 May, 2007


Time to write a short summary about what i (re-) learned during the last 6 weeks.

1) In case of doubt just honk
2) Dogs will not attack you if you carry a stick
3) Stay cool if a cow attacks your scooter while driving
4) Don`t go to national theater- Cinemas
5) Small things can take much time in india
6) take one day off if you have to go to the post office
7) Never agree to the first offer. Except sometimes.
8) Bargainers and Rikschawdriver dont know the word "no"
9) Try to speak to everybody cause you will never now what it is good for
10) Be always aware that everything is possible
11) Say "dire, dire" to slow down crazy Rikscha drivers
12) Don`t hide yourself from india. Just go with the flow and try to become a part from the local system.
13) Like my 4-years old niece told me: Always wear shoes when driving scooter.
14) India is a big ant-heap and everything is connected. So: get yourself at least a mobile.
15) Everyone who starts with Bollywood-business gets exploited, thats normal
16) Despite No.15, Bollywood has the ultimate addiction-factor for people who start working there
17) If you make it in india, you can make it everywhere
18) Deal with the things that happen and don´t get upset. And dont think to much.
19) Whatever you are off to do or wherever you are heading to: be aware that it will take double time
20) Always try to figure out what you want or anybody else will tell you.


Edit (16.5.2007)

21) Impressing Indian fellows with knowledge about Bollywood is first class fun
22) Fear nothing. Besides your own shadow.
23) If you fall off the scooter get up again immediately or you probably never drive again.
24) Try Yoga. Just do it. Find yourself a teacher of your trust and do it.
25) Never leave your shoes out of sight in case you are giving them to shoecleaners. They will ruin them and charge you for repair.
26) Don’t waste your energy in getting upset with Indian traffic. For example: In case you are driving on a small road and a bus is coming up to bring tourists to the upperclass hotels, it may stop the whole traffic there for a long time. Just find a place to park your car an enjoy the spectacle. Be aware that the policemen have also a hard live, despite some things they are doing seems like nonsense. In case you have no sense of humour consider to join people who have, while participating at the chaos.


Edit (26.5.07)

27) Earplugs are India- travellers best friends


Indianoguy said...

Good observations. I like #1 & #17 :)

Beth said...

I found so many of those to be true too - except the scooter ones, because there is not way I would be brave enough to drive one! I found Bolly knowledge to be a stupendous conversation-starter and friend-maker. One friend made that way was with me at Qtub Minar and pointed out to me the tree around which Aamir and Kajol danced in Fanaa - so I have a photo of course!