Sunday, 3 June, 2007

Travelin' Light

J.J. Cale/ from the album "Troubadour"

Travelin' light, is the only way to fly
Travelin' light, just you and I
One-way ticket to ecstasy
Way on down, follow me
Travelin' light, we can go beyond
Travelin' light, we can catch the wind
Travelin' light, let your mind pretend
We can go to paradise
Maybe once, maybe twice
Travelin' light, is the only way to fly


There are so many psychodelic good songs from J.J. Cale. Go- explore! I just picked this one cause it fits to my mood. I would recommend to listen f.e. to: Ride me high, Thirteen Days, It´s hard to tell, Boilin`Pot. All of them are very fine composed. Some lyrics are smart, others are nasty. Anyway, this was the music we used to listen in Bhagsu. So smooth...and chilled. Right now i am melting and i am off to go on even hotter places.

Tomorrow i will leave Delhi. Uhhh. I am so happy. And i will not tell where i am off to. No way. Dont worry, it is not Rajastan. I read Newspaper. (I am talking about the Gujja-Meena Clash). And i tell you that it is not Bombay. Not yet.

My guitar sadly has to stay in Delhi cause otherwise i will just play her all the time. But the Can is with me. Actually there is a canspiracy going on and even though i should not talk about it i reveal that we will have more sophisticated can-input in the web soon.

By the way: Has anybody of you ever been in Ramojifilmcity? Thinking of going there sometimes. And i have to tell that i am so excited about the planned Bollywood-Themepark in Mumbai.

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