Sunday, 26 August, 2007


Some things you may want to know about my days in Mumbai:

1) The meanwhile-legendary Coffe Can reached Mumbai safely. (Well, to be honest: Once she climbed a tree and had a small accident, that’s why she has a small cut, but nothing serious. Don’t worry.) Vatsala met me at Coffee Days in Mumbai and we had a very nice chat. She is working in Television.She and some of her collegues at work actually followed the journey of the can. I was very honored to hear that. It was somehow a very epic moment to pass it. Afterwards i felt that giving this questitem away released something profound. It was the only thing of my Mumbai-checklist, which i actually did and that felt very good. Thanks to Sophia, who inspired this dramatic journey. And Vatsala: I am still waiting to get a photo of the Can in her new home….

Mumbai: Vatsala with her Can

2) I tried to go to Filmcity. But the contact we had didn’t work out in time.

Mumbai: Filmcity

So, this is all I saw: The picture shows one of the guards, who examined his foot while we were making phonecalls to anyhow come in. Remember this: You’re chanceless to go to filmcity if you are not invited.

3) In Mumbai modernity is clashing together with middleage. When I arrived there my energyreserves were nearly done and I was overwhelmed by the Slumview-skyscrapers and the endless slums. The imagination of the number of lost souls in Mumbai totally overwhelmed me. (So i use the words "slum" and "overwhelming" quite a lot, huh? but i dont find other words right now, sorry.) I simply could not stand it. Its frustrating and depressing and nothing for sensitive people. There have been a millions of things which I wanted to do in Mumbai but my lack of energy and as well monsoon and traffic made it quite impossible to do anything. I keep my Mumbai-challenge -checklist for the next time. I am not sad about that.



vatsala said...

hey too tied up and camera not working... CAN is doing well... sometimes though it misses the outside world.... it had a GR8 journey... it has been telling its story to other utensils in the kitchen so now all of them want to go for a vacation...
want to say THANX...

umananda said...

omg - i just love that comment *rofl*