Friday, 17 August, 2007

viennese breakfast

yeah, i am back home.

It has been a wonderful 5 months trip and i decided its time for me to surrender to my homesickness. But still i dont feel like india has won. I count 3:0 points for me against india. My third trip has given me insights into some depths of the indian ant-heap-system which were astonishing and frustrating and dissapointing. But also i felt in love all over again and had wonderful experiences. I plan to write up the next days. Also many Can-pictures are lining up and waiting for your Dekhonaa. But my laptop is in service and we have to wait till i sort out my crore of photos.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the story of the traveling Shah Rukh puppet. Maybe he should meet Vatsalas Can sometimes... whenever he reaches Mumbai again...?


Beth said...

He will go to Mumbai! I have lined up a host! A very skilled photographer host who also has press contacts! Woohoo!

Maini said...

Welcome back :-)