Sunday, 18 February, 2007



Cause i was busy programming the voting-tool for the current ACEBAs, i am a little tired now and therfor want just to quote the invitation to participate from bollywoodblogger babasko.

4th Annual Central European Bollywood Awards
Yay, it´s award season.

Marco the Swiss Bollywood guruji of the german-speaking BW-community has just opened the polls for the 4th annual central european bollywood awards. So if you´re located in Central Europe and can read German you´re eligible to participate.

Just go there. Register. And vote!

All you other wonderful people. Sorry. But you still can get to the nomination list here. And if you like, give a prediction here.

PS: Nana Patekar is nominated for Taxi 9211 in the best lead actor category. Shabash Marco, shabash.

(end quote)

Personally I would like to see "Dor" and "Don" winning some prices but inconveniently i am much of a moral humanbeing. So i wasn´t able to cheat while programming the tool. And my diligent (by wish anonymous) partner (who was by the way the ingenius head of this operation) wouldn´t let me anyway.

Wishing all the best for the ACEBAs. I suggest we will have an incredible number of participants.


Srikar said...

Dor really is a wonderfull movie...

I dont know how indian people support many stupid movies and really ignore good movies such as Dor --

I really wish tht people recognise the work of Nagesh and encourage him to make many more gud movies..

@ uma : have u watched Iqbal ?
Hyderabadi Blues ?
Teen Deewaren ?
if not try them.,,...these are from the same Director and infact these movies are worth watchin ..

Srikar said...

check this song out ---

and this Interview from Nagesh about 10 great classics of indian cinema.-.-