Saturday, 10 February, 2007

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Hi again. You may think it is a little early to start my travelblog one month before actually going. Well, you are right, but the journey in my head has already begun and i have to bridge the time anyway.

Lets quote the legendary first posting from my adorable Bollywood-Guru Babasko to describe what is currently going through my bharat-maniac head: "since i am spending most of my free time with hindi movies, so why not blog about it too?".

Haan. If you are looking for reallyreally good and supercool english and hinglish bollywood-reviews you are going right there.
If you are happy with just reallygood ones, please stay here, take a seat, have a chai, do some eye-yoga and go on reading.

Chalo. Lets start with the last movie i saw.

"Satyam Shivam Sundaram"

A late 70s Bollywood movie with prince charming Shashi Kapoor in the male leading role. Title stands for "Truh, Godliness and Beauty" and could be translated as "Truth is God and God is beautyful". I think there must be millions of reviews out there - what an awsome, psychodelic and also very naughty movie. No wonder it had major problems with indian film censor board. The awful-poor Heroine Rupa (Zeenat Aman) has to wear the Sari of her childhood- which is self-evidently not qualified to disguise her fruity overwell gifted grown up body. This very body- and her beautiful singing voice- are enough reason for the Ingenieur Rajeev (Shashi) to fall in love with Rupa. But problem hai: Rupa has this ugly scar from a childhood-accident on the right side of her face and neck. And furthermore all of the villagers, including her father have this unfortunating believes about her- also cause Rupas mother died when giving birth to her. Rajeev, who has a great sense for beauty, misunderstands her mysterious behaviour for shyness. Rupa is hiding her scar from his amourous glances- and, well this leads to a row of serious problems...

Point is that Rajeev is a very very bad man. And he maybe stands for all of the bad men out there, who dont have a sense for inner beauty. He should close his eyes and diligently play blind for Rupa (I think there is a story like this also in the Mahabharatha, isn´t it?). He should consider getting hypnotized - for example by her ever-present boobs. But no. If she would have 11 fingers i think it would be the same problem with rajeev...perfectionistic nerd...

pictures stolen from missionbas, mirie and marco

Sure, the scar-thing is nasty. But there is a scene, which is really even more discusting and by the way shows one more time that indian film-censorship doesn't always work as it maybe should. I am speaking of Rupa puking into the well. I mean- anywhere else would be ok... but the well? And moments later people start asking questions: "What about Rupa? Is she not well?". Well. No...

On the other hand i had no problem with halfnaked Zeenat, who brings a little erotic to the landside and the temples. There is also a kissing szene and this waterfall-romantic-thingi which probably divided the indian cinema-audience back in 1978 in basically two groups: the ones where blood is flowing and dammed up in reddened heads - and the other ones, where blood is stowed in lower parts of the humanbody.

All in all it is a luscious and delicous movie with great special effects and charming actors and a psychodelic dream-sequence that killed me.
And i definitly want to know where this waterfall can be found...


babasko said...

see, thats men. GREAT review. and schick blog. wah!

according to playing blind. in the promos for the new season of koffee with karan SRK, Kajol and Rani are his first guests and after discussing kajols comeback film, he says something like that:
see, now i have two blind heroines. when they leave me and play with other actors they need to get blind so they can pretend its me they are playing with. since i´m the best ....

platzhirsch said...

Uh! Thanks Babaskoji- now i am motivated to write another review.

@blind playing: I am not so much surprised of SRK saying that. What about Kajol and Ranis awnsers? Or were they just giggeling? (well, even a blind hen sometimes finds another blind hen...)