Saturday, 10 February, 2007


Dear friends, family, in-laws, colleagues, and whoever!

Yes! Finally it´s happening! I am going to india! After reflecting about indian film industry for the last months for my thesis (and then my book) i definitly had to do this. Still i am unable to stop reflecting things, as you may soon perfectly understand while reading this blog.

I confess that i have become an online-junkie through the last year. This has to stop. Lets say blogging is just my Methadone.

What else? i was lost in india before, i loved it and -as most people would sum their india-experience up- i was also shocked by this country (but that sounds always so harsh). This is the reason why i will start this journey in Goa and not in Bombay or Delhi. I am just not fit enough for this megacities with no ending (And yeah, well, furthermore my one-way-flight from condor was simply to cheap to deny).

If there is something i learned from my past journeys it is, that it will totally depend on your perceptions and descisions what you will experience. what a simple truth. But so bloody true for a trip through india. I suggest you find it out for yourself sometimes(+ consider to read my blog meanwhile ;-).

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