Tuesday, 20 March, 2007

seriously- Wah!

Please read this superb interview with Shah Rukh Khan, that journalist Mehru Jaffer did back in 2004 during the shootings of "Swades" for the monthly indian politic-magazine "Hardnews". So then confirm that you liked it and feel free to leave a comment.

The Pictures are published here with permission from the author.

Questioning the Questioner:

Umananda: "Did Shah Rukh Khan came up with the anwsers very fast (When i understood it right, there was never a moment of irritation...) ? Was he getting nervous sometimes? Was he smoking all during the interview or just in certain moments? How did you experience him?

Mehru Jaffer: "I was very impressed at how mature and poised the young man is in real life. A thorough gentleman. He asked for the recorder I was fiddling with and inserted the tape the right way. Not for a moment was he irritated or annoyed at the questions and spoke spontaneously without any pause.
Although he is a chain smoker he was not smoking when he was with me. Being a thorough professional he allowed me to perform my job as a journalist while he did what he thought was his job to give straight answers without any 'nakhra'." (in english nakhra translates as humming and hawing).


Srikar said...

thankx uma fr dis wonderfull interview pics....danke

Srikar said...

was really wonderfulll---