Friday, 2 March, 2007

The world is not ready for Dhoom2

Reading some shattering german reviews of "Dhoom2" i have come to a terrible point of view. Mera metlab hai: "Dhoom2" (2006) is uncompromising entertainment and western audience seems to be just not ready for it. Most of the Bollywoodfans in the germanlanguaged room seem to hate it. Additionally "Dhoom2" is nominated for the annual "green ladoo" at the ACEBA´s (the price for the most dissapointing movie). Tsts. Unbelievable. We had great 152 minutes-chuckling-time with this movie and absolutley would like to recommend it to people who just like to giggle. Here are some reasons why you should watch it:

1) Forget all your daily problems (including logic, gravity, etc.) and giggle.

2) see Hrithik Roshan constituting and oiling his muscly body.

3) see Abhishek Bachchan doing magnificent mindwork to fight the "coolest and most intelligent thief ever."

Personally i didnt expect anything else, than i got from this sleeky movie, which misses no chance for arrant overacting in every sense of cinematography, special effects and narration. I think it is perfectly clear why this action-movie had become a blockbuster in india. It has astonishing bolly-effects and bolly-ideas, which nobody in Hollywood would ever dare to try. And it is pathetic in a way, that make Tom Cruise and co. look very poor and boring. Take for example the scene where Hrithik Roshan is unlocking a rope form a train after duneboarding - He is waving his arms in the biggest possible radius arround and is ending this performance with his toughest possible glance:

"Dhoom2" develops a new idea of what coolness is all about. It is a sort of very sexy movie with superbombastic and unbelievable unrealistic actionstunts. Song- and Dance-sequences are unfailingly very naughty ("uhuhuh, touch me...") and do not broadcast further wisdom. But they are well choreographed and designed.

"Dhoom2" offers a (bollywood-at-its-best-sort-of) artistic autonomy which is adorable and this is why i dare to give this movie ten out of ten points. And why not giving an extra point for the quoting of the "Krrish"-brainscripts which are cogently re-activated with music-elements and stunts:

It has tradition to quote other movies in Bollywood- so i dont see why anybody is upset with Hrithiks superpowerstunts. Comeon- it is ok. He played superhero "Krrish" (2006) and therefor there is no logic problem with that. Did you really expected "Dhoom2" to be realistic? Teek hai, in that case...muhje mansur. But don´t blame it on the Chopras. They have done a great job with this high-entertaining movie.

Edit: Where do i get a Winch6000? Next time i yearn to catapult myself i want to do it with style - and in less then 8 seconds...

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