Sunday, 15 April, 2007

The Inox Experience

Tuesday, 10th April.
Panjim, capitol of Goa, city of “Gurtpflicht”. Staying here right now cause of some important checkings, like parcel-sending, getting a mobile, running for the Hardnewsmagazine cause of Mehru Jaffer`s article about the bloggermeeting, and - of course- watching a movie at the Inox-Cineplexx here.

I had a short look at the "National Theater" as well- sadly this is mainly a bloody porn movie theater with bugs of all sort crawling around. Some nice Panjim-people even denied to show me the way to this sinkhole, cause the were very worried about me.

At Inox I had the choice between “Namastey London”, “Shakalaka Bum Bum” and “Provoked”. I was too much afraid of the lifesize-Ad from Akshaye Kumar from NL who welcomed us at Inox-Multiplex and as well from the Shakalaka- Trailer- so the (“based on a true story”-movie) “Provoked” won. If you ask me, it was an average movie. And it has much too less showings of the abuse and the domestic violence (which this film intends to communicate), if you ask female Indian audience here.

Inox Cineplex is a highstandard and modern designed Mulitplex-Cinema with AC, Snackbar and Lounge. Tickets cost 100 Rupies. Popcorn and Coke will cost you more then the ticket. The halls are like ours, with approximately 500 comfortable seats. Barely 30 people were participating at the “Provoked” 6:50pm screening. After some advice not to spit or to eat chewing gum or paan insinde the Inox, the national anthem is following. So everybody gets up, and is listening for one minute to the hymn; staring at the waving flag on the screen (OMG, I really want to know if the national anthem is also shown in the National Theater!). By the way: No weapons are allowed in Inox. There is a metal detector at the entrance. The backside of my ticket says furthermore: that no “items” are allowed at all. Whatever that should mean…


Aishwarya embodies Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a Punjab-NRI-women, who lived in Southhall (London) and was physically, mentally and sexual abused by her arranged-marriage-husband Deepak. This goodlooking, but sadly highly mental-injured psycho-husband is played by wonderful actor Navin Andrews (who played f.e. the character of Zayed in “Lost”). Well, she killed him accidently after ten years of communication- and love-lack. Even respect on the lowest level was missing. Also in real life, Kiranjit didn’t want to kill him but “thought that if I hurt his feet, he wouldn’t be able to come after me again.”

Maybe people like me aren´t able to understand, what this women must have felt like. W h y n o t b r e a k u p ? One has to make her own decisions. So then deal with the consequences. (Quote from Zeenat in the movie "Dor")

The movie "Provoked" seems to aim a higher awareness of domestic violence within NRI-families, which is surely a huge problem. Also in Austria the number of beaten and abused (austrian) women is astonishing high, and people who worked with these women told me that it has become especially a problem within higher income classes. Austria has set a special focus on domestic violence in 2007, many events are planned- by the way.

“Provoked”, shows bites of violence within Kiranjit`s flashbacks, which are framed in a very personal way. There was rarely one scene where she was sharing her experience with details to another person in this movie. Like she herself seems to work up step by step what she was actually going through, also the people who are trying to help her, are starting to realize, how her case can be argued in court.

Radha Dalal (the founding member of Southhall Black Sisters- a radical group of women whose mission is to help women suffering from domestic violence) is one of Kiranjit`s helpers and is played by gorgeous Nandita Das. She points out the cruel juristic truth, when she is asking in a rhetoric way: “what kind of world is this, where a women has to loose her marbles, and a man only has to loose his temper?” By the way: Nandita`s performance made the movie really seaworthy- and not Aish´s, if you ask me.

The filmmakers intend to stage “Silence” as the main problem, followed maybe by the secondary female role model, followed by the problem of the inmoral inactivity and defamation of familymembers or inlaws- shame on them.


By the way: I saw other movies, which i would really like to recommend:
"Traffic Signal" and "Kabul Express".

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