Monday, 2 April, 2007

making friends

Karma has done good work during the last days:
I just met the right people and did some mindblowing guitarsessions. Also I was coincidently watching some KBC with Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani (Boman was singing “We are the world, we are the children”, iiiih). By the way: Did you know that Shah Rukh Khan uses his red-colored DDLJ-Swiss-style-hat in this show? It’s calles the “think-hat”. If somebody takes to much time for thinking SRK cogently flips it on this persons head (underlined by a funny sound). Will try to capture it the next time.

So then I had some cricket- conversations. But India is out, what a pitty. But I am not very much interested in watching cricket at all. Hopefully I will play it soon, cause some of my companions here keep inviting me. And there is this one guy, who is a musician today, and was a professional Cricket-player for Goa’s Team not long ago. Would be fun to throw some balls with him. But sadly its not possible now. Let me explain:

Best things in live are free. But on the other hand one has to pay for everything. Remember when I wrote that I got a TV-Ad-Shooting on the beach for a barefootstep into dogshit? So, according to this strange logic, what will I get for stepping into cowshit? Well, I watched my step since then much better- but unfortunately I had a scooter-accident the other day. Maybe I should have stayed on the beach, making friends and writing songs, then exploring Goa. There was a sharp turn covered with sand on the road to mapusa…and despite I was driving with much less then 10mph I was kissing the ground hardly. Luckily a first aid-shop was just 10 metres ahead. And business was good this day. There were other and much worse accidents on this very spot.

Eyening my 14cm wound on my swollen foot, I thought, that I would be just fair if Karma is giving something really nice back to me. And this is what happened after one day of wound licking:

1) Participated at a Shaadi- celebration, including a drumssession-danceparty with Bollywoodmusic-influence. No pics, sorry, but one Soundfile .

2)Got a hint for an event: the “Bollywood- Night” in Baga. Sadly it was cancelled in the last minute, because there was too little tourist-interest in Bollywood. So then we explored Baga and found coincidently - and with overwhelming pleasure - a “Coffee Day” there. I tell you that because Coffeday is the traditional viennese meetingpoint of the Bollywoodfanclub. Somehow i felt them being here. Traditionally we had to have coffe (exactly the same quality like in Vienna) and Samosas (less quality). I met also my first (livesize) Shah Rukh there. How charming.

3) Jesus and Maria passed by in Shiolim during the annual christian festival there. Many hundreds of people participating.

4) Spending time with Shahbad in Baga and learned some new amazing magic tricks (like the levitating match, the dissappearing coin, and some very annoying mind-tricks which will make you completely freak out). Funny thing is that I had known him before (Met him on my first india-trip in Manali). He was one of my very first Carrom-challenger back then. You may call it coincidence...

5) Spending time with exercising the magic tricks in publicsphere. Some were impressed, some kept laughing, all of them kept me to do the tricks all over again. So funny.

5) Next station: The “Bollywood-Orchester”. 800 to 1000 indian fellows participated in a stage-concert, including our driver and my magic-trick audience, who heartly welcomed us (which was good, because we felt rather alienated there). No white faces besides ours. Classical Bollywoodsongs were performed- including f.e. “Yeh mera Dil” (Don). No Pics, sorry.

I give you a beachcow-picture instead. Boring, I know. Sorry.


babasko said...

booo@the accident. *annoyed big sister voice*: will you please be more careful!!

yay@anything else: especially the magic tricks and the shaadi.

Srikar said...

Wow this seems real fun ...---
shaadi party :)
so good karma happens after the bad karma :)