Monday, 30 April, 2007

Introducing Vatsala`s Can

Can at Fort Aguada (Goa)

I have this austrian Coffee-Cooking-Can with me. Its a gift from somebody settled in Vienna these days to somebody living in Bombay. And cause i just decided to try everything at least once in my live, this can is with me till i finally will move to Bombay. Actually I am not forced to deliever it but am allowed to use or leave it anywhere and whenever i want to. But once i have my own coffeeconnections and this can is so shiny (and the camera really loves it), i still carry the thing arround. To shoot a crazy, absurd fotoserial was just something i had to try, and this is probably the best chance to do it. To be honest, this was not my idea, but the charming vienna-settled-persons. Whether the idea came up just to convince me to deliever it in Bombay or to give me the possibility to meet somebody nice in the ugliest place in the world... it doesn`t matter if you are sitting in Vienna, drinking wine and imagine nice pictures of the can in front of the Taj Mahal, the Himalaya, at Ganges or at Kajura-temples. So then. Quest accepted. One of the slots in my bag is now exclusivley occupied by the Quest-item.

Me, thinking what to do with the can

I definitley want to keep the can for my Bombay arrival. I can already see myself there with an adressbook full of names to call, but then completly planless whether to start with Sanjay Dutt, Simi Garewal or Shah Rukh. Finally I maybe will decide to meet the girl named Vatsala first and at least will cook one fine coffee for her.


To sum it up: I am just exercising with the object and the room arround it, without any special reason or further knowledge about photography. If any other can now feels discriminated or abused or jealous cause of this pictures.... well, i am sorry, but honestly thats not my problem if you decide to read my blog. Go and boil some water.








Beth said...

Will we get a first in Bollywood - the item can?

babasko said...

i so envy your can. :D
and yes, it def. has to go bollywood.

Indianoguy said...

Great Pics and great story of "travelling can". Does it talk to you? :)

Srikar said...

so funny----......------