Saturday, 26 May, 2007


Hello there. Yes. Despite only a few people are commenting my blogposts (many thanks to them) i go on writing stuff here. I am really happy that some of you mailed me that my Weblog is nice. And i know very well that some of you have fun while reading it because of my many english mistakes. Bleh. One has to exercise, so what.

The last weeks i spent with my Cousin Niko`s family in High-Sky-Bhagsu (near to Dharamsala) and found some peace. One could say i reached true silence. Up there i slept without my earplugs. Additionally Internet was far away. And I had one more reason for not-blogging. I was busy exploring my consciousness and body…

It`s like Pumba in “Lion King 3” has said: “When the student is ready the teacher appears”.

I started with Iyengar Yoga at Sharat`s place. His Yoga-Center is really beautiful and offers many useful props- like ropes, belts and bolsters. With the help of these items and the very precice instructions of Sharat Yoga is possible for everybody. And even 90years old are doing the handstand here after some time. By the way: Sharat will come to Vienna this summer. Please contact Heidi, if you are interested in further information about this course. But notice that he is very strict and not cheap. Iyengar is just for people who take Yoga very serious. Bad example- pictures are following.

"Can-Yoga or can´t Yoga?"

In the next picture we see the wonderful benefits of Yoga. My adorable Quest-Item itself started to float light in all the colours of the rainbow.


Everybody seems to love the Can. So does my nephew.

"Manu plays with the Can"

Ps. @Anna: If you read this: Please sent me the link immediately if you are going to start the Fotoserial about the colourful long underwear of your Ex.


Beth said...

Rainbow in a can? How delightfully filmi!

Indianoguy said...

Hey Nice pics..
So the story of travelling Can continues..