Saturday, 26 May, 2007


“I don’t know why you say Goodbye I say Hello” (The Beatles)

Sometimes I am very bad in saying Goodbye. And sometimes I just miss these moments cause i am simply not at the right place in time. And then there are situations where somebody has to catch a bus or a flight and everything happens to fast. During the last weeks I met some wonderful people- they know what I am talking about. So I want to greet, hug or respectively thank them here. It was great meeting you:

Dilip (GB), Garfield (Goa), Christine (Germany), Tania (Russia), Tania (Russia), Aaron (Austria), Johanna (Austria), Kristi (USA), Olivier (Belgium), Adlina (Bombay), Matte (Finnland), Anant (Manali), Manoj (Delhi), Rakesh (Dharamsala), Rohan (Bombay), Shadab (Goa), Somu (Bangalore), Anna Karin (Sweden), Rachel (GB), Naomi (Ireland). Sharat (Dharamkot), Layla (Germany) and Dittmar (Germany). Many thanks to Gerlinde, Peter, Olivia, Niko, Noy, Manu and MC.

Stay in touch.
And good Luck.
And Blow Horn- Please.


Anonymous said...

Its not always that you have to say good buy some Moment starts with hello and xxxx with hello. Every thing that goes around comes around. the story of frindship never ends

Srikar said...

story of friendship is endless...

ee jindagi bahut lambi hain ...mulakate aksar hoti rahti hain ..

Hum Tum