Friday, 31 August, 2007

Hello everybody-ji,
and thanks again for the warm welcome in Vienna. And I am also very pleased to get so nice email-feedback for this weblog. I decided to keep the blog running-
focusing on India and Bollywood - and various randomstuff, like for example crazy foto-serials. Here for example you finally see the viennese Bollywoodfanclub staging the Krrish-mask (I tagged them some ages ago to do it). Adorable, huh?

Uh, seeing Bollywoodsupercell Babasko (4th from the right) reminds me: Dearest Babasko, could you please finally write something about the Stuttgartfestival...tell us -at least- what was the coolest moment? *tagtagtag*

Well, I was really happy to see all of them again. And its soo funny that they seem to be rather overwhelmed of the many Bollywod-related events which have taken place the last 5 months in Vienna. Sometimes many Bollywoodmovies were running in cinemas the same time, awesome… And now we will, thanks to Nithin, have Bollywoodclubbings every two weeks. Some Bollywoodmovies are obviously played now regulary in Cinemas. And some movies, like for example “Aag” will be screened soon after the Indian release. And the "Ishq-Magazin" is now available here. Austria really is getting somewhere according to Indian Popculture. Arewah. Right now “Heyy Baby” is running well at Cineplexx Milleniumcity. In my book I wrote that Austria seems to be a developing Bollywood-country but now things are seemingly really starting...

At this point thanks to Mariak√§fer for the write-up about my book. She pointed out that sadly “Faszination Bollywood” is loosing actuality very fast - and she is so right with that. As i found an indian publisher who may want to publish an englishversion I start now to think if it makes any sense to publish it like this. Reviews are very good so far, but still - time is running so fast and the book focus is only till the very beginnings of 2007. Things are developing according to Bollywood and I think I would have to rewrite the whole thing anway - or make a complete new book.

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