Friday, 17 August, 2007

The Can- experience

I just read the Introduction for the Mini-Khan experience and decided that it is very funny. I suggest to shoot a short movie (whenever Mini Khan reaches us) which shows all the wonderful sets in Vienna Bollywood has not targeted yet. And maybe Babsy want to have a little Song&Dance with him. I literally can see it. It will be fun.

By the way, this reminded me that Beth sent me some can-tastic, photoshopped Can-pictures some ages ago and till now i was unable to open them. Here they are:


Beth said...

We'll need to do more! Send more photos! :)

Michael said...

more, more, more - beth is absolutely right, as ever :)

Indianoguy said...

Aamir Can! LOL..thats likes it.
So what is the first name of your can?