Sunday, 10 June, 2007

The Bollywood Merchandising Lack

I talked to a Toys-shop-owner in Varanasi about Merchandising-products. Hollywood is seemingly really doing good in india. "Spiderman" is very popular these days. And "Transformers" is upcoming. "Shrek" puppets are selling well. Indian children love that. I was told that Bollywood is doing to little Merchandising. Only young filmmakers are catching up with this flow. And still there is to less childrens movies in India. When Shah Rukh Khan-puppets or Krrish-puppets and Krrish-masks came up they where sold out soon. Toys-sellers like this one (in Varanasi-IP Mall) are informed immediately by the official filmmakers if something is upcoming but still it is very little. For "Ta Ra Rum Pum" for example there is no merchandising at all- "But we are just selling this red toy-cars and they are doing very well despite they are not officially connected with the movie", he said.

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