Sunday, 3 June, 2007

Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd

I saw this movie and i liked it. Babasko (who recently started to blog also for!) told me that the filmcrew was mostly female. And she recommended the movie. Reason enough to give it a try. Actually i have nothing more to say. Watch it- its fun. I would say it is the better version from "Bhaji on the Beach".

AND IT HAS MAGIC, humour, true love, indian tango-dancing, arranged marriage, love-marriage, a runaway bride, sophisticated characters, wonderful actors (f.e. the indian version of Gerad Depardieu- Boman Irani), sensitive homosexual men, a pink bus, a supersexy Arjun Rampal, and one fine happy song and dance number. And even superheroes. And much more.

And its just 2 hours long.

Oh, i have to spoiler you with my favourite scene from the movie, despite it seems impossible for me to communicate the tremendous humour:
The indian busdrivers are talking about how to learn english. The one guy recommends the english-clueless other guy to always simply repeat the last word of the english speaking guy and nod. So he will learn one word after the other. Well, this was very funny- trust me. In India manymany people behaving like this.

Well, Please go here for a good written german Review. And here is the official website.

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